Historical listing: 93 Chestnut Road, Tamborine, QLD 4270

3 bed   2 bath   8 car

Last price was $499,000 on 09/11/2012.
Was on Market for 55 days.

Nearest points of interest

Winery: Albert River Wines Tamborine - 900m
Beach: Canungra Creek - 1400m
Park, Reserve, Oval: Fred Bucholz Park Tamborine - 1650m
Beach: Albert River - 2900m
Church: MUndoolun Anglican Mundoolun Rd - 3000m
Cemetery and Crematorium: Mundoolun - 3000m
Church: Tamborine Catholic Cnr Waterford-Tamborine & - 3500m

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25/07/2012 $529,000 01/09/2012 $529,000 more details