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Our site deals in price analysis for real estate and houses for sale in Australian suburbs. One of the major services which clients benefit from is analytical comparison of real estate prices. As an independent service provider, is managed by experts who offer their services based on a unique methodology. Our aim is to make real estate prices available to the public by listing them on our site. This subsequently enables buyers of property as well as sellers to make an informed decision when transacting with each other.

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Australia real estate price analytics

Australian median price heat map is based on current market data and updated weekly. Current real estate market data updated on 17/12/2014

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Real estate property price indexes in Capital Cities

Capital Median Asking Price Stock on Sale Median Rent Rental Yield Vacancy Rate
Greater Sydney, NSW $620k 16,986 $500 4.19% 0.93%
Greater Melbourne, VIC $400k 33,424 $370 4.81% 1.14%
Greater Brisbane, QLD $400k 32,226 $400 5.2% 1.41%
Greater Adelaide, SA $365k 11,304 $330 4.7% 0.7%
Greater Perth, WA $499k 25,296 $440 4.59% 1.05%
Greater Hobart, TAS $285k 2,980 $320 5.84% 0.57%
Greater Darwin, NT $583k 1,351 $570 5.09% 2.11%
Australian Capital Territory, ACT $450k 1,270 $420 4.85% 0.67%

Current real estate market data updated on 17/12/2014

National Median Price Heat Map | Top Suburbs Report
Compare median asking prices, median rent and rental yield across regions of Australia.

Property & Real estate for sale in Australian suburbs

Using for information on the prices for real estate and property for sale in Australian suburbs comes with numerous benefits. For instance, you can be able to easily search for property by simply using a street address. The price analysts also offer agents and the public in general a very valuable search tool for real estate transactions. The methodology employed by the experts to analyze prices is also an expeditious and accurate one.

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